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5 Must-Have Games For The Nintendo 3DS

Must-Have Nintendo 3DS Games
We've played almost every popular game on the 3DS, and they were all good. Some of them, though, stand out among the others. This is a small list of  reviews of our favorite games in the 3DS. Our top 5 3DS must-haves.

Talking Point: Should We Expect Nintendo 3DS Games To Be Ugly?

Ugly Betty
Perhaps Nintendo fans are right, gameplay matters more than graphics. Then why can't Nintendo 3DS owners and fans just accept it then that 3DS games are always going to be ugly?

Talking Point: Why Is The Vita Failing And The 3DS Succeeding?

Miyamoto holding a 3DS
The Vita is in trouble! No doubt about it. Even though both systems started as "flops", 2013 seems to be just the year for the Nintendo 3DS. This leads me to ask the question, why are there so much success for the 3DS lately and not for the Vita?

Talking Point: Should You Let Your Kids Play With Your Handheld Gaming Devices?

Gollum and his precious ring (The Lord Of The Rings)
Most gamers today aged between 25 to 35 probably have kids. When a gamer dad or mom have handheld gaming devices and there are toddlers around, should they be choosy about which device they should be allowing their children to use?

Talking Point: Does The 3DS And Vita Provide A More Complete Experience Than iOS Devices?

3DS and PS Vita Friends
A few months back we covered almost anything about video games. Since we could not afford of all the current game consoles and most of us have day jobs and our only time to play is during a ride on the train, we decided to narrow down our coverage to handheld games.

Soul Sacrifice Will Make You Sacrifice Your Money — Literally

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)
There's one good reason why a player would opt for a handheld gaming device rather than tablet computers such as the iPad or any Android-enable device. And what is that? Platform exclusives, of course! Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita exclusive action-RPG game and will teach you that nothing in life comes for free.

Gravity Daze — One Of The Best Vita Games So Far?

Gravity Daze (PS Vita)
The highest selling game in Japan for the Vita so far during the Feb 06 - Feb 12 Media Create Sales report for Japan is Gravity Daze. It's only second to the number 1 spot which the Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki got for the PSP for the top ten games sold overall.

How The 3DS Touchscreen Changed The Way I Play Fighting Games

(Ryu) Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
In this article, I cite my experiences with fighting games and how the 3DS changed that experience to something better.

Talking Point: Nintendo 3DS vs Sony NGP — Which Will Be A Better Buy?

Nintendo 3DS vs Sony NGP
The Nintendo 3DS will released a few days from now... Have  you decided if you're going to buy it yet? We'll tell you the truth... We haven't... Well for several reasons, it's kind of hard to decided whether to wait for the Sony NGP or go all out with the 3DS.