Write For Us

If you're looking for an outlet for your writing skills to publish on your resume, or just want something to get busy about? We can help you!

We have openings for the following positions:

1. News Writer

Take your pick from any of the handheld consoles we cover (3DS, Vita, or both). We prefer fresh news, and we'd like the Articles.html to be lengthy, rich and informative.

2. Game Reviewer

Handheld games, old or new, you can write about it and submit it to us for as long as we haven't covered it before. There is no strict guideline as to how you should write your review, but you need to provide your own games to review. Sometimes, we may give the perk of free games if a publisher gives as more than one copy. But for the most part, you'll have to provide your own.

Writing and submitting your Articles.html to us makes your article a part of our property. Credit will be given where credit is due.

Ready? Shoot us a mail at gamerumble at gmail dot com.