Scoring Policy

This section provides the rating or review scale used by Game Rumble for all our game reviews. We take our reviews seriously and we don't allow our relationship with publishers affect the way we review our games.

While it's true that we get paid to blog, we don't get paid to write reviews. You can trust that our reviews are  true to the best of our knowledge. We strive for a fair and truthful judgement.

Our review often starts with an introduction, followed by our description of the gameplay, graphics, controls, sounds, and how much fun we've had in the game. The rating scale would correspond to these things.

Before the actual rating is shown, we present a verdict section summarizing our thoughts about the game. If that's not enough, we have also provided a good and bad section that itemize the good and bad points of the game.

Games with the same rating doesn't necessarily mean that they're equally better. It can simply mean that the amount of perceived quality between them are the same.

We use a star rating system, which sets five as the highest and none as the lowest.

5EPICThe highest possible score. Surpassed all our expectations in every possible way.
4-4.5GOODA very good game. Usually surpassing our expectations but with minor flaws. It's probably one of the best games the system has to offer regardless of the system's limitations.
3-3.5MEDIOCRECould be a very hyped up game but failed to meet the expectation. May not be such a bad idea to buy. We may find some good qualities but overall needs improvement.
1-2AWFULJust so many things wrong. This could be things that prevents the game from being played, or is just causing the player too much frustration.
0WRONGWe just couldn't find anything good in the game.

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