About Game Rumble

Game Rumble is a blog about the latest handheld platforms — The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. But we still have a genuine interest on the PSP and DS platforms. We cover news on a daily basis, and we write reviews for as much games as we can cover. We're based in the Philippines but we cover pretty much everything that happens around the world.

For a minority of gamers who don't have time to play at home, handhelds have provided a way for us to express the child in us wherever we go. We can play handhelds during lunch breaks at work or in school, or even while we sing a lullaby to our newborn baby.

We used to cover mobile devices such as the iOS and Android, but we eventually ditched that since we think that touch devices aren't providing the same immersible experience as the handhelds does.

Consolidated news and original reviews/editorials are what we offer. We don't simply write news Articles.html without first verifying the facts, and try to provide as much information as we can.

As Nintendo, Sony, and probably even more companies try to be more creative and innovating about their handheld gadgets, we will also do our best to provide you with the latest information found online.

We hope that you enjoy your stay. Let's Game and be ready to Rumble!