Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs Detailed, Main Objective Revealed

Final Fantasy Explorers is an upcoming multiplayer RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest issue of the Shonen Jump magazine details the description of each of the four jobs already revealed.

The Knight job is said to protect the party at all costs with his superior defense. As seen in the picture, the knight carries a sword and a shield.The Monk job on the other hand has physics-based attack type class that could overwhelm enemies with "rush attacks". Then we have the White Mage and the Black Mage which have the ability to heal allies and perform ranged spell attacks respectively. According to the scan, more jobs from the Final Fantasy series will make it into the game.

Your main objective is to fight and bring the summoned beasts under control. Ifrit who appeared in many Final Fantasy games is one of them and is showcased in the magazine.
Final Fantasy Explorers will support up to 4 players online between friends.

Source: Anime Globe

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