Steel Diver: Subwars Could Be Nintendo's Free-To-Play Game For Nintendo 3DS

Steel Diver
Back in the last E3 held last June, Nintendo told investors that they will be experimenting with the free-to-play model, and Steel Diver was the most likely candidate title for it. Recently, the Australian Classification Board has posted a new title called Steel Diver: Subwars which could indicate of Nintendo fulfilling their promise.

Steel Driver was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Australian Classification Board rates Steel Diver: Subwars as "G" and is under development by Nintendo and Vitei, the same team behind the original game.

It is currently unknown whether the game will have multiplayer features such as a four-player battle mode. So far, the game coming to the Nintendo 3DS is more of an assumption than a fact.

Source: Australian Classification Board

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