Nintendo 2DS In The Philippines Is Priced At Php 6,995

Nintendo 2DS in the Philippines, Crimson Red
The Nintendo 2DS has finally arrived in the Philippines but at a rather steep price of Php 6,995.

Datablitz, a local retailer in the Philippines announced the price for both the Crimson Red and Electric Blue colors. The unit comes with the Nintendo 2DS unit, an AC adapter, stylus, 4GB SDHC memory card and the 6 AR cards.

The 2DS comes stripped of the stereoscopic 3D graphics available on a regular 3DS/XL, which is mainly done for the purpose of protecting children and appeal to the younger market. Also, unless you plug-in your earphones, the new handheld from Nintendo only have monaural speakers.

The Nintendo 2DS specs remain the same however, able to play all the games that you can play on the regular version.

So how does the Nintendo 2DS price in the Philippines appeal to you?


  1. I think the price is reasonable. Think about it, if you buy from amazon you'll get around 5.6k, plus the shipping cost to our country plus the taxes. Unless you have a relative there but still you have to shoulder the shipping cost to be send to you. Better buy it here than buying from abroad, less hassle and less expenses.

  2. Why base your computation over importing it on your own? This is a "major" local retailer that has a wide distribution network. They're not getting their goods at SRP+Shipping+tax. That's not how it works when you talk about retail and their supplier. DB could have made it more affordable but they didn't.

  3. Exactly. I expected it to be a little over Nintendo's advertised price, but not over 6k, and definitely not 5peso short of 7k. Granted in believe they sell it at 6700 on cash, but that's still 700 too much

  4. 3ds= 170(US) = 7500(PH)
    2ds= 130(US) = 7000(PH)

    F*ck logic....... 500 pesos difference..... WAT!!!!!

  5. Huh? Why is it that it's still expensive? I was supposed to pick this up because I though it IS cheaper, but not really. As a high school student, that Php500 is just 2 weeks and you'd get 3D and ability to fold. But still, that Php500...