Monster Hunter 4 Direct: Multiplayer Details, Mario & Luigi, And Link Costumes!

Monster Hunter 4 Link Costume
In the recent Monster Hunter 4 focused Nintendo direct which was held in Japan and approximately 29 minutes long, Capcom and Nintendo brought in some totally unexpected surprises.

By going to 7-11 stores across Japan, players can get into special quests to acquire special costumes such as Mario & Luigi as felyne garbs and The Legend of Zelda's Link.

Link's costume will be for the main character and will feature his famous green tunic costume. Equipping a sword and shield will make Link appear with a Master Sword and Hylian Shield while long ranged weapons will make the character appear, still as Link with a bow and arrow

Capcom also touched on the multiplayer aspect of the game wherein they revealed that it will be possible to join other players from the "friends list". It will still be possible to create and find rooms though and players can filter the skill level and difficulty of quests to join.

Monster Hunter 4 will also feature a full chat function, making it possible for players to communicate with other players in the lobby. There will be pre-installed options for the chat, much like Luigi's Mansion where you can say "Thanks" and "Hello".

New functions have also been introduced such as "item sensor", which allows players to find important items and a jump functionality which gives more flexibility in movement and more action packed adventure.

If you missed watching the entire show, you can watch the replay below. Monster Hunter 4 is scheduled for release in Japan on September 14th for the Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks to NintenDaan and Nintendo Everything for covering the event!

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