Lemmings Touch Coming To PlayStation Vita

Lemmings Touch
Commercial Director d3t Ltd Jamie Campbell has announced a proper PlayStation Vita and "touchscreen" version of the Lemmings game called Lemmings Touch.

Lemmings Touch, as its name suggests will feature full touch and swipe control in all 100 levels. The in-game presentation and user interface has also been adjusted to accommodate this new feature. Playing the game goes as simple as selecting a Lemming on the screen and assigning them a role.

There will also be new objects in the game such as cannons and trampolines which you need to touch and manipulate in order to aim. There are platforms that you can slide, and objects that can be moved up and down to create new paths.

There brand new environments created specifically for the new touch objects such as Candy Land, a world full of sugary treats.

Lemmings has been released on several platforms before including the PSP and was playable on the Vita through PlayStation Mobile.

Source: blog.playstation.com

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