Edge Of Eternity Screenshots

Edge Of Eternity Screenshots
Edge of Eternity is a space J-RPG with a turn based combat system. It's bound to be released on several platforms including the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Check out some screenshots of the game which are generally for the "mobile" version of the game, but should give you an idea of how it will look on the Vita somehow.

The game is set in the peaceful world of Heryon. The world is threatened by an alien civilization, bringing with them a disease that turns people and animals into metal monsters. As the player, you will play the role of Daryon who must find his origin and save the universe from collapsing.

Edge of Eternity allows cross-platform saves meaning that your save file on the iPhone for example can be carried over to the Vita or PS4.

Midgar Studio is gearing up for their Kickstarter campaign on September 20th.

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