PlayStation Vita Pets Is Sony's Nintendogs

PlayStation Vita Pets
The PlayStation Vita is getting its own version of Nintendogs called PlayStation Vita Pets.

PlayStation Vita Pets only features dogs, for now at least. Players can pick from four distinct puppies and be able to train them, and of course, love them by playing with, and dressing them.

Perhaps the most obvious twist that Sony is putting in this game apart from the Nintendogs genre is being able to go on an adventure with your dog in Castlewood Island once you've become "best friends". And hey, the dogs talk too!

Players will be able to utilize the skills their dog mastered  through training once they go through the forest, spooky mines, and graveyards in order to reach the castle.

PlayStation Vita pets will be coming to Europe in 2014. No word of a North American release yet but we'll be sure to get you posted!


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