Soritia Horse Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Soritia Horse
Pokemon developer GameFreak has announced Soritia Horse for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It's a combination of solitaire and horse racing simulation.

The game is divided into Solitaire Phase and Control Phase. In Solitaire Phase, players play to improve the bond with their horse and make them run better. Control phase on the other hand uses the stylus to control the horse's direction, reacting to certain parameters and course attributes.

The race goes on by switching between the two phases back and forth. On the final stretch, players will be giving it all they got. Combining all the items and powers collected throughout the course,

Players will be able able to create their own horse and be able to share it with others by turning it into a QR code.

Soritia Horse is being published by GameFreak themselves. The game costs 500 yen, and will be available on the Japanese eShop on July 31st.


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