Hero Bank Is SEGA's Battle-Life RPG For Nintendo 3DS

Hero Bank
SEGA has a brand new IP and a brand new game in development that involves a young boy (Kaito) who participates in fights to earn money and pay off his 1 billion yen debt. The game is described to be a "battle-life RPG".

The battles the hero joins in apparently take place in a virtual arena. In order to participate, he needs to wear a hero gear.

Just like any form of combat entertainment like boxing and wrestling, people pay for the excitement. The game doesn't seem so different as it involves having to entice the crowd in order to earn more money.

Kaito can take control of different heroes, and you can enhance their unique abilities and attributes to gain advantage in battle.

Hero Bank is slated for release on December 19th in Japan.

Source: Siliconera

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