Destiny Of Spirits Social Features Explained

Destiny Of Spirits (Vita)
Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play, social and location-based strategy game for the PlayStation Vita. Players from around the world will have to work cooperatively in achieving the same goal: To purify and save the world.

The game has this so-called Destiny Engine which is based on Western and Eastern astrology. The Destiny Engine leads players to other players based on their birthday, name, location, and other things. Everyday, you'll get suggestions on new allies.

Trade SpiritsRent SpiritsDestiny Strike

Players will be using Elemental Spirits in order to battle the Chaos Spirits, the supposed villains in this game. With certain spirits being unique on certain geographical locations around the world, players can trade spirits with friends in order to expand their spirit collection. The distance between the two players determines how long the trade will complete.

It's also possible to just rent spirits from friends that could help you in battle. Renting the right spirit will aid players a lot in battle as they benefit from the spirit's "supporter skills". Renting spirits however doesn't come for free, it'll cost you Destiny Points.

Finally, as part of the social benefits of this game, your a friend can trigger a Destiny Strike. A Destiny Strike is a form of support attack that is signaled by a red dot during battle. It may just be the kind of attack that could help you turn the tide of battle.

Destiny of Spirits is launching on the PlayStation Vita this year.


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