Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Coming To PlayStation Vita — To Be Released In Europe, North America, Latin America, And Brazil

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
Namco Bandai has announced Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for the PlayStation Vita, PS3 and XBox 360. A Western release has also been confirmed, read on for more details.

The game will feature a solo mode, a four-player co-op mode, and an expansive versus mode in an eight-player battle royale.

There are certain form of attacks that make use of your allies to form stronger attacks. Meteor Chain strings together several launch attacks. Another one is called "Synchronized Rush", which is a form of simultaneous attack at an enemy. Lastly, there is the "Revive Soul" feature which will allow players to bring back fallen allies by giving them energy.

Working together with your allies and chaining attacks together is important in battling gigantic bosses such as the Great Ape Vegeta. There will be a large cast of characters including special appearances from Special Force and Super Saiyan God (God Goku).

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will use cell-shaded HD graphics to pay homage to the original anime. Battles will take place in rich environments on both land and air.

The game is under development by ARTDINK. It will come as a digital download only format for North America, Latin America, and Brazil.

Thanks to saiyanland.


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