Freedom Wars — Sony Reveals More About Their PlayStation Vita Exclusive

Freedom Wars
Sony has revealed some new information about their upcoming, PlayStation Vita exclusive, cooperative multiplayer game, Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars puts you on the role of prisoner in one of the Panopticon cities. Each are basically sentenced into a million years, so they have to serve by fighting in a war, and in turn, reduce their sentence.

Players will be fighting against giant enemies called "abductors". They basically go on capturing civilians, so freeing up civilians will also reward you with a reduced sentence.

You will not be fighting alone as every prisoner is accompanied by an "accessory", which is to say, an Android girl that follows you everywhere.

Your android companion can be customized. You can change your accessory's hair, face, clothing, AI (personality), speech lines and voice. Players will also be able to exchange accessory data.

There will be a variety of weapons to choose from. There will be the likes of great swords and guns, with the guns divided into long and short-ranged kinds. Fighting monsters is perhaps a little close to Toukiden than Monster Hunter in terms of dismembering body parts.

As for the multiplayer part, the game will support up to eight players in cooperative mode in either ad-hoc or online mode.

Freedom Wars is scheduled for release in Japan sometime in 2014 for the PlayStation Vita.



  1. Yet, Another Monster Hunter alternative

  2. It is, they're trying to make up for the "lack" of it.

  3. if Capcom created Monster Hunter for Vita, the sales will arise

  4. I see, its exclusive for 3ds only, what do you think sir? Gamers shift from vita to 3ds just to play monster hunter?

  5. Not necessarily. Not all gamers like Monster Hunter games anyway.