Quell Memento For PlayStation Vita Is A Puzzle Game That Will Help You Get That Zen Moment

Quell Memento
Another puzzle game is about to come to the PlayStation Vita system. Quell Memento, as its name suggests intends to offer a familiar and nostalgic feel to players.

The game tries to combine the player's familiarity to the real word by using real-world elements such as water droplets, pearls and roses. Players will know that pearl is valuable, or that a thorn will likely burst a droplet.

Puzzles are set within an old abandoned house. The room is designed to be an attic crumbling with decay, while avoiding the impression of fear but to stir the player's curiosity such as who lived in the place.

Quell Memento has over 150 puzzles that gradually reveals the backstory as the player progress. There will be 9 chapters, and an old man speaking to the player as he recollects his memories of the past and the house looking more and more like the way it was when it was lived in.

The game can be played by using the rear touchpad but can also be played by using the DPad or the left analog stick.

Art Director of Fallen Tree Games, Lewis Boadle said that they intended to created a game that could help people unwind during a long day at work or school.

Source: blog.us.playstation.com

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