No Plans For Refurbished Nintendo 3DS And DSi In Europe

Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL
The US got a fine treat when Nintendo started selling refurbished Nintendo 3DS And DSi through their online store last week. However, things doesn't look promising for European consumers as Nintendo doesn't seem to have any plans of doing the same for that region.

The deal included 3DS and DSi units which are fully functional but (may) have cosmetic blemishes. For the regular 3DS which came in aqua blue and midnight purple colors, the price ranged from $129.99 to $169.98. The DSi on the other hand ranged from $99.99 to $129.98.

The deal included everything that came from an actual 3DS or DSi package such as the unit charger, AR cards, etc.

As for having this deal in Europe, Nintendo UK spokesperson told Eurogamer:
"We currently have no plans and have made no announcements for this type of activity in Europe."
But it's not game over yet for those longing to have a 3DS or a DSi for a cheaper price. Who knows what Nintendo might be thinking! Be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Are you a consumer in Europe looking forward to this deal? Share us your thoughts!

Source: Eurogamer

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