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HarmoKnight Preview
Welcome to another Game Rumble preview! This time, we'll be talking about our first impressions of HarmoKnight based on the game's demo that came out of the Nintendo eShop. Without spoiling too much beans, we'll first ask you a question. Think you've had enough rhythm games? Think again!

The game has a relatively simple graphics and focuses on the fun. It's a side-scrolling platformer at its core and incorporates the rhythm genre that makes for a totally unique experience.

The mechanics are simple, simply walk pass the notes or jump if they're over your head to reach. With a note-shaped staff, you can swat enemies like flies, but that also requires rhythm.

HarmoKnight Flying SceneHarmoKnight Side-scrolling Adventure

The demo showed how the settings could drastically change from a simple side-scrolling game to a third-person or top-down shooter. If you've played Rhythm Thief before, you'll be excited with the amount of varieties this game could offer on the full version.

The final level was sort of a boss battle which gets you flying in the air and fight a giant mechanical bee. You can beat the boss by hitting the drones thrown at you. You'll also need to avoid obstacles and all of these require rhythm.

While the demo is short at only about 4 levels in total, it was a very satisfying play. There seems to be enough beef with the plot that will make you more curious about the full game.

The stereoscopic 3D effect was subtle enough to enjoy the 2.5D anime-style art of the game. During side-scrolling adventure, the camera seems to be much focused and is positioned very close to the main character, perhaps to get you focusing on the rhythm and incoming objects that call for action. The flying part made the 3D more obvious as it makes the environment look bigger. It's a totally new experience every time the gameplay changes.

The game offers a substantial amount of challenge. After the demo, which gives you 10 tries, we felt very happy and we look forward to the full version.

HarmoKnight will be released on March 28th for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Don't forget to visit us again for more game previews!

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