BIT.TRIP Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Coming To PlayStation Vita

BIT.TRIP Runner2 Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Coming To Vita
Gaijin Games revealed on PlayStation Blog that their upcoming PS3 game, Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien is coming over to the PlayStation Vita.

Gaijin games described the development for the PS Vita as a priority, "PS Vita is a platform that all of us at Gaijin Games adore, so getting Runner2 on the device was a priority. We truly believe PS Vita is a perfect format to enjoy Runner2 on; the game is simply gorgeous on that OLED screen".

The price range is currently unknown and no definite release date has been announced yet. Gaijin Games however said that the Vita will be "the only place for Runner2 on the GO", and will be released sometime this Summer.

Runner is one of several entries in the BIT.TRIP series. It's an action platformer featuring CommanderVideo and you take control of him as you avoid obstacles by running, jumping, sliding and kicking.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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