FuturLab Announced Velocity Ultra For PS Vita

Velocity Ultra
FuturLab's award-winning PlayStation Mini game, Velocity, will be getting a remake for the PlayStation Vita called Velocity Ultra.

Since the game will be released for the Vita, it's only natural to get the added perks such as trophy and online high score list support. Moreover, Velocity Ultra will be getting a visual upgrade (HD Graphics) at native PS Vita resolution. The art is also being redone and so are the cutscenes. Pixel art is to be replaced by an edgy cartoon art style.

More visual effects are also being added in the game and given the PS Vita's higher specs, they are able to implement effects such as dynamic illumination of surrounding areas when an explosion occurs. Like the original, the game will still run at 60FPS.

While still unconfirmed, James Marsden of FuturLab estimate the game to come out sometime in May this year.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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