Ah! Heaven Coming To 3DS eShop And DSi Shop This February

Ah! Heaven (3DS, DSi)
DSi game Ah! Heaven will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and DSi Shop on February 7th.

Ah! Heaven puts you on the role of a soul ready to ascend to heaven. However, you have to get there on your own and there will be danger along the way.

The graphics features an Eastern ink painting style and will feature various regions around the world. There will be 24 challenging stages and it's up to you to beat them as fast as possible.

Just to remind you guys, this is a DSiWare game so there won't be any 3D support and the display will not occupy the 3DS widescreen.

Ah! Heaven is published by CIRCLE Entertainment, the same publisher that brought us Sweet Memories Blackjack.

You can get the game for $1.99 from the Nintendo 3DS eShop or 200 Points from the DSi Shop.

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