Wiiware Title "escapeVektor" Coming To 3DS And Vita On December 20th

The Wiiware modern action adventure game escapeVektor will be coming over to the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on December 20th.

The game was originally called "escapeVektor: Chapter 1" and  puts you on the role of Vektor, a being who is locked inside a Central Processing Unit. You need to help him escape from the evil CPU and its army of Patrols, Hunters and Interceptors.

The game features 150 levels across 27 different worlds. The game also features 3 types of online leaderboard where players can check their scores on each level against other players.

The game will also feature a new Wildcard system where players who gets a high-score on a level gets rewarded with a Wildcard. Wildcards are extra levels that can be played before starting a level. This extra level rewards players by doubling their scores upon completion.

escapeVektor will be available for purchase digitally at US$9.99 from the Nintendo 3DS eShop and $18.90 for the Vita PlayStation Store.

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Source: Joystiq

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