The Phantom Pain — A Possible Metal Gear Solid Vita Game?

The Phantom Pain
A new trailer and a series of screenshots has been released for the game, "The Phantom Pain". Now, some controversies arise with the screenshots as they seem to follow close to the PS Vita's display image.

The screenshots are in 960×540 while the PlayStation Vita can display up to 960×544. Netizens seem to believe that the game is in fact a Metal Gear game and that remains unconfirmed. One of the reasons that speculators think so is because "the pins" that attach to the title seem to say "Metal Gear Solid V", with V possibly standing for Vita.

During the Konami Party, two men wearing "The Phantom Pain / Moby Dick Studio" T-Shirts were spotted. Now, Konami is the publisher of Metal Gear Solid so this gives a more positive vibe that the "The Phantom Pain" may in fact be a Metal Gear game.

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Source: Gematsu

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