Ninja Gaiden Coming To 3DS North American eShop

Ninja Gaiden (NES) Coming To 3DS eShop
Tecmo Koei is giving you the chance to re-experience the classic Ninja Gaiden with its coming to the 3DS North American eShop this week.

You've probably seen Ryu Hayabusa in 3D many times now. He's appeared in recent Ninja Gaiden games and even in the Dead or Alive series. But we bet a lot of people doesn't really know his roots.

Ninja Gaiden was released for NES back in 1989. The game is known for its effective use of cinematics (using pixels of course). The game is also considered to be "difficult", which poses a lot of challenge even to experienced players. The game also introduced the "Windmill Shuriken" (Naruto?), and "Ninja Arts".

Ninja Gaiden will be hitting the North American eShop on December 6th and will come at a price tag of $4.99.

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