Ragnarok Tactics Out On PSP, Playable On Vita

Ragnarok Tactics
PSP strategy RPG, Ragnarok Tactics, is now out on the PSP. The game will also be playable on the PS Vita by getting it through the PlayStation Store for $24.99.

The game takes place in the original Ragnarok Online universe (the MMORPG). The PSP and tactical version features all the monsters and job classes in the original game.

The story revolves around the aftermath of a war between gods, demons and humans. Humans eventually emerged on top, leaving them with no enemies to fight against, they turned and fought each other. Out of the nations who fought, the Aura Republic and the Branshaldo Empire arised.

The player assumes the role of a small group of good people known as the Toren Militia. Your group eventually gets caught up in some military and political conflict that would eventually put the world into chaos. Ragnarok Tactics will feature 5 different endings depending on your choices.

The game was developed by ApolloSoft and published by Aksys Games. PSP owners can get the game in retail and digital formats while Vita owners can get the game in digital format.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Tried the game,, its pretty awesome

  2. I'd love to try it but I'm saving up money for another game!