English Crimson Shroud Screenshots And US Release Date Revealed

Crimson Shroud (English) Screenshots
The last of the Guild01 3DS eShop game series gets a couple of screenshots in English released courtesy of Level 5. Check out Crimson Shroud, a game developed by Tactics Ogre creator, Yasumi Matsuno.

The game puts you on the role of a "Chaser" named Giauque. A chaser is perhaps some sort of mercenary — they track down goods and other individuals.

Crimson Shroud plays like a traditional tabletop RPG. Dice rolls basically detemine the events and the outcome in battle. Players are able to make decisions and make choices by using the touchscreen.

While the battle is driven by chance, your choices largely affect the story of the game. The game's story takes place during a time of war. During the dark age, magic was discovered, and it was rumored that the Crimson Shroud is the source of all magic.

Crimson Shroud will be released for the North American eShop on December 13th. The game has a decent price tag of $7.99.

Source: Siliconera

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