Silent Hill: Book Of Memories EU Release Date Confirmed, US Demo Out Now

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories EU Box Art
The latest installment of one of the most anticipated horror games finally gets an EU release date. Silent Hill: Book of Memories will be coming to Europe on November 2.

US account owners rejoice! Finally, after about a week of waiting we also get to experience the game demo. Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo just went live today and comes as a  565MB download.

We'll be making our first impression of the demo, hopefully, before the game gets released. So stay tuned for more Silent Hill: Book of Memories and PS Vita updates!

Source: WayForward Twitter


  1. Epic  fail Sir, I reviewed  on the youtube, it seems like a Diablo 1 camera setting, where is the essence of Silent HIll?

  2. Haha! We have a written impression of the game coming up. It does disappoint in a lot of aspect but there are a few good things that must be said about the game as well. :)