New Persona 4: Golden Screenshots Features Areas And Character Development

Persona 4: Golden Screenshots, Shopping District, Daytime
Atlus USA recently released some new screenshots of their upcoming game, Persona 4: Golden which says more about the environment and character development features of the game.

Persona 4: Golden will allow players to explore more areas and take on new events. The visuals and loading times are also improved.

Persona 4: Golden At SchoolPersona 4: Golden After School

NPC interactions allow you to build up your friendship. Players can choose how to spend their time by hanging out at junes or by browsing shops.

Persona 4: Golden - Weapon ShopPersona 4: Golden - Marie

Persona 4: Golden is due for release in North America this coming October for the PlayStation Vita. You can also check some earlier screenshots of the game here.

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