New Little King's Story Screenshots

New Little King's Story (PS Vita) Title Screen
Here are some screenshots of upcoming real-time strategy game from Konami for the PS Vita called New Little King's Story.

The game that first appeared on the Nintendo Wii receives a massive upgrade. New Little King's Story puts you on the role of King Corobo in a journey to win back his kingdom. You will lead your army using the touchscreen to fight against the forces of evil and expand your territory.

New Little King's Story will feature a brand new storyline, enhanced graphics and features such as touchscreen and rear touchpad support. The Vita version will also include a more enhanced online capabilities such as DLC support, item-combining coop gameplay and an on-line leaderboard. The game will also feature a day and night system giving a more in-depth feel of the adventure.

The game is rated E10+ and has already been released in Europe and Japan. The game is expected to come this fall in Australia and in North America.

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