Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots

Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots
Capcom recently launched the official site for Monster Hunter 4 along with never before seen screenshots. The screenshots show some of the action scenes new to the game as well as some character-specific shots.

The images are looking a little grainy. Somehow, the game looked so much better in motion than with these still shots. At the bottom of Capcom's website, they claim that the "video and images are under development". Some light of hope for the graphics?

The below screens showcase different characters and weapons such as the newly-revealed Cane of Bug Fidelity. The character design is really something to commend! The game is going to feature a more open environment which can really eat up some processing power and memory so it's interesting how polished the game will look in the end.

Monster Hunter 4 is scheduled for release by Spring of 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. It's still a little far from the release period so we hope to see some more improvements on the graphics area. You can visit the Monster Hunter 4 official website (Japanese) here.

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