Nintendo 3DS TV Out Cradle (Unofficial)

Nintendo 3DS TV Out Cradle
Does the 3DS's small screen annoy you? Ever dreamed of playing your favorite 3DS games on a larger screen? Well you can not only play on a larger screen but on really large screens with this Nintendo 3DS TV Out Cradle.

The 3DS has a wide upper screen that supports 3D display and a lesser quality touchscreen at the bottom. The cradle allows for both screens to be output into a single display or even each on separate displays.

The cradle can be used with the Windows operating system and connects via USB connection. The price is a staggering 39,800.00 Yen or 21,172.56 Php equivalent to 497.873 USD.

The maker who home-made this product is currently accepting reservations this June for the first batch and on August for the second batch.

So would you be interested in this cradle? What 3DS game would you like to play on a larger display? Check out current available Nintendo 3DS products in our product guide section!


  1. Senran Kagura on the big screen? yes. Worth 500$? no...

  2. i dunno if i belive it's real or not

  3. It doesn't look very impossible to be real. The price is ridiculously high though...

  4. I'd pay that,where can I order it? you didn't add a link.