Find Mii Guide (Nintendo 3DS)

Find Mii 3DS
Find Mii is a built-in minigame for Nintendo Wii's Mii Plaza. It's one of those things that showcases the 3DS's connectivity. Your Mii, the character you created is kidnapped by unkown ghosts! You have to rescue him by hiring heroes or getting help from people that you meet through Street Pass. This is more of a guide on how to play the game and not a walkthrough. I hope you enjoy playing this game as I have!

Each hero you hire differ in levels and are uniquely equipped with magic. You can know what type of magic they have by the color of their shirts. A red-colored hero for example is able to cast fire on enemies.

Find Mii GameplayKidnapped MiiFind Mii Yellow HeroFind Mii Map

Each hero has 1 turn to attack or cast a spell. If you cast a magic, your hero will get tired and go away. If you attack, you have a few shots until the ghost scares you hero away. You have the ability to switch between heroes, this can be used to your strategic advantage. If you got a level 1 hero for example who doesn't do any decent damage to your enemy and this hero is equipped with a support magic that could make the next hero stronger. This way, you can make the next hero take the dirty job.

Find Mii Screenshot Top and Down Screen

There are two basic types of enemies, ordinary ghosts and armored ghosts. Those without armor are vulnerable to magic and physical attacks, while the armored ghosts have high resistance to physical attacks and vulnerable to magic.

There 13 dungeons to complete, and every time you finish a dungeon you will randomly get hats that you can put on your Mii. The hats that you get gets displayed to other people when they view your Mii (transferred via Streetpass).

Find Mii does not showcase the Nintendo 3DS's graphics, its mere focus is on the gameplay or something to keep you busy while Nintendo and Third-party developers build up games for the 3DS (my own opinion). Nevertheless, it is such a fun game which can sometimes be ruined if you ever run out of coins!

Surviving The Dark Room

The Dark Room is one of the most frustrating part of the the game. Your heroes enter a room with nothing but black and you can only see your Mii. Most of your heroes will get scared and turn away, it could cost you a lot of coins and time to earn those coins. Well, you'll be lucky if you happen to have with you a White Mii. Yes, a white Mii's magic can lighten up the dark room! You can get a white Mii similar to how you get other heroes, hiring them with coins. It's random, so there's no specific way of getting one. I beat the game twice though and what I can say is that, try to limit your hiring to say five at a time and if you don't get a white Mii right away then just play again some other time.

How To Level Up

Well first there's a distinction between the hero you hired and the heroes you meet via Street Pass. During the game, the heroes that you hire can level up once by using a Pink Magic (daring). A permanent level up can be done with heroes that you meet through Street Pass when you meet them for a  second, third or any succeeding time. Something I've not tried but some say that the highest or max level you can get in Find Mii is level 7.

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